Your hub dynamo is not only an energie source. Use it as well as a precise sensor for speed and distance! 



Tour diary

Available for iPhone: Download version 2.0 on your iPhone today! For iPhone 4S and higher as well as iPad mini. iOS 8 or iOS 9 is required.

Available for Android: Download version 1.8 on your Android phone today! For all Android smartphones with integrated Bluetooth 4.0 hardware. Android version 4.3.x or higher is required.

‍Speedometer The Dynamo Harvester uses the pulses of the hub dynamo to evaluate 14 speedometer pulses within every turn of the wheel. Therefore, the speed display in the app works fluently and immediately registers every acceleration of yours. The large speed display on your smartphone is easy to read out, even with a short glimpse at your phone. The digital display is ideal to catch your current speed and the smooth analogue display of the needle shows your acceleration.

Altitude Nothing affects your tours more than the hills you have to climb by stepping in your pedals. Unfortunately, GPS cannot measure the differences in altitude good enough to use it for a bike workout. This is why the app uses a barometric altimeter in the Dynamo Harvester, which also detects small changes in altitude, e.g. a bridge, and is therefore able to provide the exact sum of all the differences in altitude of your tour. The app shows the altitude profile of your bike tour, the sum of all differences and the current gradient in percent.

Start-stop With existing bike apps it was nearly impossible to track every single one of your tours. Before every bike tour you had to open the app and start the recording. Our app saves this pain. The Dynamo Harvester exactly knows when your bike is moving and when it is standing. Our app uses this information to start and stop tour tracking automatically. Just start riding, have spontaneous breaks and be tired but happy at the end of your tour. No need to think about the usage of the app. The start/stop automatic also regulates the GPS-tracking of your tours. As soon as the wheel stops turning, the GPS-tracking terminates. This saves a lot of energy. Your mobile phone will never discharge again shortly after a tour because you forgot to turn off the GPS-tracking.

Pocket mode Your mobile can stay in your pocket while riding your bike. You don’t have to put it on the handle bar every single time to capture all kilometers you go. As long as your mobile phone is within the bluetooth-reach of the Dynamo Harvester, tours and kilometers will be registered completely. Even if you do a short trip to the supermarket not thinking about the app at all, the tour will be tracked and listed in your total.

Diversity It is fantistic how many apps there are available! The Be on Bike app does not hold you back. The app records your bike tours also if you have another app (for example a navigation app of your choice) in front. Change between your favorite apps during the tour as often as you like.

Navigation The newest version of our app shows your current location on the map, the nearby or more distant surrounding as well as the distance covered so far. The used maps originate from Apple Maps or Google Maps, respectively. Additional navigation features will be added to version 2.0 of the app. Be excited!

Tour diary The Be on Bike – app saves every tour automatically in the tour diary. Re-read one of your previous tours and take a look at the traveled route once more. Additionally, you can compare the altitude differences or burned calories of different tours. You can filter the list of tours for bicycle, date and region. This is not only helpful to find a certain tour, you also get a summary of all these rides. If you have training goals, you can easily see how much you have cycled last week. The holiday-cyclist might filter for “all tours in Sweden last year” or perhaps you only want to see “all the tours which I started at home this month”. Use the Tour diary to control your goals for workouts and everyday life.

The past In the tour diary, all the information which can be seen on the display will be saved. Everything reaching from the map, in which you of course can zoom in, and the altitude profile to a list of the numerical data. It does not matter if you want to compare old workouts or perhaps use the collected experiences from the past to plan your future tours, the knowledge about past cycling tours is a precious source of information.

Fitness You still have to pedal completely by yourself, but the app will help you during your training in the best possible way. The app uses the velocity profile, the altitude profile and the weight of your bicycle to calculate the amount of calories you burned during the tour. Heart rate sensors with Bluetooth LE are supported and provide information about your heart rate with high precision. After you have set your maximum heart rate in the app, the most optimal training zones for anaerobic and aerobic exercises are displayed. Moreover for iPhone, the Be on Bike App synchronises the information corresponding to your tour, for example the distance covered and the used calories, with the Apple Health app. You can use this to get a complete overview of all your sporting activities together with everyday life activities as walking and climbing the stairs.