Dynamo Harvester – the brilliant combination of your smartphone and your bike tours

Special feature of the Dynamo Harvester:  

Harvesting already 7,5 watts at a speed of 20 km/h -
 this is a record value .

Energy The bar is raised high – You want to charge your smartphone up to 100% and at the same time let your smartphone’s screen shine bright and be active during your ride ? The Dynamo Harvester is setting new benchmarks: While other dynamo chargers only slow down the discharge of the battery, the Dynamo Harvester with its digital power controls inside utilizes the energy of the hub dynamo in a perfect way. And we are very proud of our new digital tuning algorithms maximizing the dynamo’s output power at every speed. The big internal battery charges your phone even if your bike wheels are not turning.

Sensors Combining the output from the built-in sensors of your smartphone with built-in sensors in the Dynamo Harvester our app Be on bike offers seamless integration of fitness tracking, bicycle computer and navigation for perfect bike fun in workouts and everyday life.

Altidude Nothing influences your bike tours more than a couple of long ascents and descents that need to be mastered. The built-in altitude sensor shows the difference in altitude in much more detail than the GPS in your smartphone. Our app shows precisely your sporting performance in the mountains. And the high-resolution sensor is fine enough to show even the smallest differences in altitude like bridges and undercrossings. Both altitude profile and performed differences in altitude can be seen in the tour diary. Every meter counts!

Inclinometer Am I so tired or is the mountain so steep? A glance at the inclinometer gives you the answer.

Tacho The Dynamo Harvester precisely evaluates the pulses coming from the hub dynamo. In contrast to an ordinary bike computer the Dynamo Harvester evaluates 14 pulses with every turn of the front wheel. As a consequence the speed display reacts fluently to every of your accelerations. Unlike other purely GPS-based apps the Dynamo Harvester’s accuracy and resolution is much higher.

Start-stop The Dynamo Harvester knows exactly wether or not your wheels are spinning. Our app makes use of this to start and stop tour recording automatically. This really does make sense: You do not need to touch the app to record your bike tours. It isn’t even necessary to have the app opened! Never again a missed or incomplete tour record because you forgot to start recording. This automatic start-stop mechanism also steers GPS tracking. As soon as the bike stops, the GPS recording stops, too. This saves power. Never again suffer from the „Battery drained signal“ because you forgot to stop GPS recording.

Pocket Mode While riding your bike your smartphone can stay in the pocket. As long as your phone is within the range of the Bluetooth signal of the Dynamo Harvester, all of your bike tours and mileage will be recorded for you. Shopping tour or a short trip to the bakery? Everything is recorded as well and will be part of your annual mileage.

Selection Proud owner of road racer, mountain bike and city bike? No problem – automatic recognition of several bicycles goes without saying. And all statistics can be done per bike or in total.

Navigation The map display shows the path taken, your current location and surroundings. If this is not enough: Select the navigation app of your choice. Of course our app continues the tour recording in the background, while your favorite navigation app is in the foreground. The Dynamo Harvester delivers enough charging power to support even the most demanding navigation apps. Also, if your phone has voice control, you can switch back and forth between apps by voice commands. Since the Dynamo Harvester is a fully functional USB charger, voice control can run in continuous mode, e.g. Hey Siri from Apple is active continuously during your ride.

Pulse Heart pulse sensors with Bluetooth LE interface are supported. Your pulse is seen in the tachometer display and additionally a diagram with highlighted training zones. This diagram is available during your ride and afterwards in the tour diary.

Compatibility You already have the perfect bike front light ? The Dynamo Harvester is compatible. As soon as your bike switches on light the Dynamo Harvester stops harvesting power, allowing the bike lights to get 100% of dynamo power – Safety first. Tour recording and speedometer display are operating continuously while the lights are on. And as soon as the light turns off the Dynamo Harvester starts harvesting again automatically.

Daily Use

Shopping, commuting to work or on the way to the beer garden? Surely your phone is with you, maybe in your jacket, in the bag pack, in the briefcase or in the handbag, which is in the bike basket. Anyway, as soon as you start a bike ride the Dynamo Harvester activates itself as well as the Be on bike app via the Bluetooth interface. The phone’s screen remains dark, but the tour will be recorded precisely. At the same time the Dynamo Harvester harvests the energy from your dynamo and stores it in the large built-in battery. You cannot find the way back from shopping? No problem, simply put your phone to the handle bar and activate the app. The map display shows the path taken making it easy to follow back. You suddenly detect that you cannot do a phone call because you forgot to charge your phone? Simply connect your phone to the Dynamo Harvester via the USB cable. The Dynamo Harvester supports the fast battery charge mode of modern smartphones with up to 1 Ampere of charge current, charging your phone significantly even during a short ride.

The Workout

Of course your phone is mounted to the handle bar. The large speedometer display is in front of you. Can you beat the average speed of last time? Has the new route more altitude difference than the last one? What is your pulse between spurts? Almost all displays of the app are interesting, but one display is boring totally: The battery charge display of your phone is 100% – always. During your spurts you are achieving high velocity. Now you look carefully to the road. It is good that the app does not distract you and short view is enough to see the speed value. Downhill you are such fast that the dynamo hub produces pure „High Voltage“. No problem for the Dynamo Harvester, its overload protection will cope with the most extreme thrilling rides.

The big tour

It is amazing to discover new routes in unknown landscapes during a bike ride. You put your smartphone to the handle bar and you start navigation. Leaving the big city you select the turn-by-turn navigation app of your choice, which routes you through the city jungle. After reaching the bike trail you start the app of your bike association, which does not navigation alone, but hints to touristic highlights as well. Flooding – Bridge Closed! Now you need the app with topographic maps. Whatever navigation app you are using, the Dynamo Harvester supplies all of them with electrical power. And no matter how often you switch between apps at the end of the day you can see the complete bike tour in the tour diary. Proudly look at the recorded calories – did you burn enough calories today? Enjoy a good dinner in the biker’s hostel!